The Kairos Network

The Kairos Network started as an attempt to form a networking group for people who work in the area of death, dying, or the care of the elderly.  It was sponsored by the Rockland Institute for Mind/Body Education (RIMBE). I have seen a lot of burnout in end of life care and had an idea that caregivers sharing, writing and generally making personal meaning of the work was one way to address burnout. The purpose of the Kairos Network was to provide networking and support for eldercare workers, to promote public awareness about death and dying, and to advocate for the emotional and spiritual well-being of the dying, their families and their caregivers.

Unfortunately the Kairos Network itself was one of the most stunning failures I have ever had. I made some mistakes but also learned quickly that caregivers who were burned out were generally beyond interest in remediation. I wrote about my experience here: Defending Against Our Own Needs: Reflections on Burnout.

What endured from the Kairos Network was the Blog. Here I collect essays from caregivers and others and write myself. Its intention now is just to provide a place to process our experiences or outrage and even generate some good literature for this field that speaks squarely about the issues without being sentimental.

If you are someone who works in some way with the transition we call dying, your reflections and stories are welcome here.  Contact

Submission Guidelines:

Submissions to Kairos Network Blog should reference heartfelt, personal accounts of experiences you have had as an eldercare worker, hospice worker or family caregiver. They should explore the thoughts and inner responses you have had to your experience in this role. This includes creative work such as stories, poetry submissions as well as essays. It could also include some clinical discussions if there is a personal point of view in the content, or they reference a personal accomplishment. Links to other internet material should not have any promotional intent. They must be informative and only included for the purposes of elucidating your points or content. Submissions should be well constructed, in good English and mindful of spelling conventions. They should be less than 1200 words. Titles for your piece can be suggested, but final titles will be chosen by the editor with your approval.

Please include a very short bio with your submission (two to three lines max).


10 Responses to “About”

  1. Sandra Jeanne Haviland said

    I am pleased to join The Kairos Network as a Reiki practitioner working in hospice settings and as an interfaith chaplain intern working in a large teaching hospital in Burlington, Vermont. I’m looking foward to learning and sharing with others who are actively involved in work relating to death, dying or care of the elderly.

    With blessings, Sandra Jeanne

  2. Fran said

    I was doing a group with four adults with various kinds of dementia. I was passing around a stuffed animal and suggested we make it our mascot, since we had all greeted it like a friend. One of the ladies, who is rarely able to put an understandable phrase together said, “Her name is Kindness, we’ll call her Kindness.” Well, that was worth the trip. So Kindness has been a group member since that day, I’m happy to say.

  3. Judith Hamm said

    I am a hospice volunteer who is always looking for more and new ideas about relating to people and issues around death and dying. thank you for this blog.

  4. Stan teich said

    I find reading this blog to be extremenly energizing and thought provoking

  5. Nancy Kissane said

    I am a Spiritual Director and find it so helpful to have such important and beautiful information. Thank you!

    • Nancy, thanks so much for your response. “Important and beautiful information” is a lovely description. Even though I don’t think of Kairos Network Blog about information, of course it is, and of the most significant kind. To be informed about the inner experiences of this work, oft neglected. I would welcome yours as well here if you are ever moved. Maybe you would also like to subscribe?


  6. Jeanne,
    I would like to subscribe to the Kairos Network–how do I do that?

  7. Heike Bill said

    Hi Jeanne,
    Yes, how do I subscribe?

    • I will put you on my distribution list. I think that there is also a subscribe icon somewhere on the page (yours looks different than mine) and a follow button as well. Thanks for your interest!


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